About Cocoa Graphix & Consulting

The company has been established in 2011 but the main clients such as Mikulásgyár (since 2009), Gozsdu Bazaar (since 2010), Ségécé Plaza network (since 2011) and MAX City (since 2012) - have been acquired by the owner as a freelancer starting with 2009. The circle of the clients has been developing mainly through recommendations because once a company worked with us, experienced our accurate, precise and creative way of working.
Our flexible team of 4 fulfills several requirements at a time, which we have proven through both offline and online campaigns, even creating TV-spots and a wide scale of different advertisments. When designing, developing or producing we focus on the needs of the target groups of our clients, fulfilling their requirments on top. We are managing a proactive relationship with our clients which means a constant discussion during the projects so as not just to achieve what they expect but to build their image more and to help them be more effective.

Head Of Team

The view of the Hungarian graphic artist profession is quite various though the way of education determinates some characteristics of it: we may find some of the designers' works abstract or designed for the art's sake. It may be hard for a client to find a professional on this colorful palette who matches the market and its mentality and has the right qualification. Also, the requirements of the advertising sphere may force the designers to become less creative, less unique and self-sufficient.

I am grateful that I studied in a different educational system, based on a French art school's norms. I believe that there is a third way where the freedom of thought, the art and the view, the taste and the visual world of the target group meet. I believe that a good graphic designer needs to think with the mind of the consumer or the client. I believe that work does not stop at the creation of three different layouts but at the birth of the best possible plan. I believe that work does not stop at the acceptance of the artwork but includes further co-thinking, support and advice. I live and work by these principles.

My way:

- Born on 26.02.1983, at Budapest, Hungary
- 2001-2004: University of Natural Science - Parapsycholog
- 2005-2010: Ecole d'Art Maryse Eloy
- 2010: Degree: Graphic Designer & Visual Communication
- 2011: Exhibition at France Institute at Budapest

Tools that I'm using: Photoshop (expert), Illustrator (expert), inDesign (expert), Flash and Dreamweaver (intermediate)
Spoken languages: Hungarian (native), English, French

Side way:

- 2007-2008: Traffic BTL - Intern
- 2008-2011: Chili Communication - Art Director

Cocoa Team

  • Managing Director

    György Tamás

    Obsession : Creative Solutions
    Famous for : The Idea
    Hates : Pomogácsok
  • Leading Designer

    Veronika Tamas

    Obsession : Unusual Solutions
    Famous for : Works 24/7
    Hates : Funky funky
  • Art Director

    Julia Toth

    Obsession : Progressive Design
    Famous for : Typography
    Hates : Ordinariness
  • Motion Designer

    Mark Juhasz

    Obsession : Vimeo
    Famous for : Crazy Ideas
    Hates : Politics
  • Web Developer

    Viktor Kalman

    Obsession : Music
    Famous for : Solving Problems
    Hates : Manic Mondays

Clients ...About Us

  • Accurate and correct work done with heart and hands"

    – Frey Interiordesign
  • Vera is really „daily-nightly” worker with absolutely super ideas. Specialized knowledge, exactitude, fairness, quickness - this is Vera.

    - Zsolnai Endre, main organizer, MikulásGyár

Valued Clients